Terms of Service (November 22nd, 2018)

First things first:

Using our app to do anything other than access the links to this "Terms" page or accessing any page of our website (this includes mirror domains) other than our home page and this "Terms" page constitutes your consent to these terms of use and to our Privacy Policy. If you do not consent, do not use our website.

Here's a few key notes:

- Do not impersonate someone else.
- Do not upload a file to Lithiio if it is a virus and/or malware of any kind.
- Do not upload a file to Lithiio if that file is not legal in the United States and/or Washington state.
- Do not upload a file to Lithiio if anyone owns the copyright to it or might own the copyright to it in the future.
- Do not upload a file to Lithiio if someone who is not you owns the entirety of the data or content you are uploading.

If we determine you have violated any of the items on the list or do anything illegal or within our jurisdiction, we will: ban you, delete all your files, report you to the authorities if necessary, and/or prevent you from viewing any files hosted on Lithiio.

Help keep Lithiio safe:

If you think a file violates any of our rules, terms, or local laws please send us a short E-Mail to support@lithi.io with the link to the file and optionally some context.

About the files you upload:

This is a file sharing site. So there is always a possability that any or all files you upload could be found by someone you do not know or intend to let access. However, we do our best to make links/urls to all files very difficult to guess and/or obtain. So if you don't share a file link with anyone, it's unlikely for anyone to stumble upon it.